Seemantham Decoration At Home

Seemantham decoration at home is the traditional method in India. Seemantham, also known as Valaikaappu, is a South Indian ritual performed during the 6th, 7th, or 8th month of a woman’s pregnancy in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. While Seemantham was once performed on each child’s birth, it is now only performed on the firstborn. In Western cultures, a baby shower is similar to this practise.

The term Seemantham refers to the parting of the hair just above the brow, where Sri Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Riches, resides. As a result, it is customary to add kumkum to the parting in order to appease the Goddess Sri Lakshmi. When a woman gives birth, she is believed to be the symbol of the Goddess Lakshmi herself. It is also known as Valaikaappu decoration at home

Today I came with Seemantham decoration at home. This would be suitable for baby shower, bridal function, 16th birthday, and etc totally this is well suitable for traditional events. Usually it’s very expensive. If you go through any event planner, but you can make it by yourself in reasonable price. One thing is you need to work little hard for this decoration you need few things.

Seemantham Decoration at Home-Bangle Backdrop

Today I’m going to share with you all this beautiful bangle backdrop. That is perfect for Indian traditional baby shower or bridal celebrations like Halide,  Mahanadi or even engagement ceremony . Recently  I hared  this  news  on online platform. So that’s I decided to write article on Seemantham Decoration at home.

So this is the backdrop i made two months ago for my own stream anthem during my ninth month of pregnancy. Now’s let’s get started with the backdrop. I tried to make this backdrop as easy and as budget friendly as I can. So I started making the frame with this pre-cut sticks from Amazon.

 I already shared this easy frame making Trick in one of my previous blogs. But for this backdrop I used even thicker sticks because I was going to hang bangles. You can use nails and hammer or you can use wood glue. But I just went ahead and used my hot glue gun once you make your choice start assembling the frame as shown here.

First make a square with four sticks and glue at the four corners. Initially I was doubtful if the hot glue would hold well at the end after adding all the décor. But it held so well and the frames are still intact after the celebration. Next using a measuring tape mark the right and left sticks at equal intervals. Since the sticks I bought or 36 inches. I marked them at 918 and 27 inches. Here I am repeating the same markings on the left side too.

Stick the wooden sticks along the markings using hot glue gun to keep the stick straight make sure the other end of the stick rests on the markings made. On the other side now stick the other ends along the markings. After finishing sticking horizontal sticks flip the frame. Now make the markings along the bottom stick and the top stick .Again all these sticks are 36 inches so I’m marking at 9 18 and 27 inches.

Now stick the wooden sticks vertically along the markings. Make sure you are sticking them at every joint so the frame can be strong enough continue sticking two more sticks along the markings .For this backdrop i made two of these frames as I was going to hang them one underneath another to make it tall enough for the final look.

For Paper Peacocks-Seemantham Decoration At Home:

First I chose a free flower template. I found online and I inserted in a word document using the ruler .On top I made the big one approximately five and a half inches and small ( one three and half inches) . I will leave the link to this flower template in the description box below, I grabbed some cardstock papers in pink and green and I also used these leftover glitter cardstock. I had on hand now I am going to cut these templates using a pair of scissors. But you can also use an Exacta knife after cutting out the templates.

 I placed the bigger one on the pink cardstock and traced it around using a pencil. I placed the smaller template on the green cardstock and traced it around. Now I cut out both the flowers using a pair of scissors though green parrots are current trend .For even decorations I wanted to create something new and especially as lord Krishna was on my mind ever since I knew it was a baby boy. I wanted to make peacocks instead of parrots. For peacock’s body I tried to hand draw it roughly and once I liked the outline. I went ahead and cut it out you may choose an image from internet to use as a template just like we did with the flower shape.

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