Innovative Ganpati Decoration Ideas

In this Post I write Innovative Ganpati Decoration Ideas for home .Every year, we try to come up with fresh and creative ways to decorate our home. We decorate our homes in various ways with all the grace to mark the birthday of our favourite god, just as we do for our own birthday. Ganpati is a perfect time to get creative and come up with unique decorating ideas that look great . Here are some simple and Innovative Ganpati Decoration ideas for Home and these are:

Home made Ganpati Decoration Ideas – Using Recycled Material

This decoration made using waste cardboard boxes easily available at home. Before start the Home made Ganpati decoration ideas things You Need. Glitter Paper, Mount Board, Box, Decorative Stones, Beads Ruler, Cutter, Pencil, Divider, Scissors, Decorative Stone Lace, Craft Glue, Glue Gun Take a box and seal its open ends using cello tape.

Take a mount board and draw a circle with the measurements as shown. Draw an outer circle as well measuring 6.5 cm radius. Now draw one more outer circle measuring 8 cm radius. Cut out the outermost circle using scissors. Now draw some designs on the circle as shown here.

Make some more markings on the circle as shown. Now draw more patterns on the circle. Use a cutter to cut out the design drawn on the circle. Now take a glitter paper and paste this design on it. Cut it. Now take a green glitter sheet and paste it on the backside of the design. Cut the green sheet slightly larger than the original design as shown here. Now make a circle at the center of the design. This is the simple Ganpati decoration ideas for home.

Draw a similar circle on another glitter sheet. Cut it and paste the circle on the design as shown. Paste the decorative stones and beads on the design to make it look even more beautiful. Now take the box and cut out different glitter sheets based on the dimensions of the box.

 Paste it. Repeat the same process with different color glitter sheets to cover the box as shown. Decorate the box with a decorative lace. Now attach the design on the box using glue as shown. Wow!! Your beautiful handmade Ganpati decoration using recycled material is now ready. Happy Crafting!!

Ganpati Decoration Design Pattern:

There are different creative ways for Ganpati decoration for home these are:

Ganpati Decoration at home With Light & thread

 Ganpati Decoration at home With thread

You can now use the threads and hooks to decorate your Ganpati. This is one of the simplest, quick yet innovative ideas for Ganpati because you will be able to use various colours of threads and lights to make it look interesting and eye-catching. I also write post on ideas for displaying pictures on wall. If you not know than click on the link.

Eco Friendly Ganpati Decoration

Eco Friendly Ganpati Decoration

Green is the way to go! Isn’t this the most popular tagline these days? So, why not use this theme for your Ganesh utsav? Of course, using trees, roots, grass, bamboo sticks, and green leaves, you can create an entirely eco-friendly decoration theme. This theme is an excellent choice for supporting the tagline “Move Natural.” The best thing about this greenery theme is that it will bring a sense of freshness to the whole decor.

So these are the Best innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home.

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