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Have a look at the home makarathoranam decoration ideas. It is a perfect if you want to decorate the long hallway of the home Makarathoranam. The preparation material for the pottery designs is the different types of clay. Some types are available in abundance and others are very expensive. This theme will give a very elegant look.

For ordinary pottery, one type of mixture is sufficient to produce unique designs. some varieties of clay can be made out of recycled materials. When clay and the way in which the vessel is made & decorated with it are different. The pottery makarathoranam decoration ideas will look different.

Some of the varieties of the clay include:





Kerala thozhi, Angadi and various other types of clay.

Decoration ideas of Makarathoranam – Leaves, Paint, Mud & Wooden Sticks

Some Makarathoranam decoration ideas need the decoration done with slip. But, if these pottery designs need a lot of paints, there is no alternative. There are various ways in which one can do the decoration. One can do the decoration with paints or with the mud or the burnt pieces of wooden sticks.

wooden sticks produced from dried trees or bushes. These dry wood sticks do not have any life as they do not have the strength to stand the touch of water. As a result wooden sticks are burnt using fire and hence they turn into ash. These ash have the similar texture of charcoal. so the mud pottery designs need a lot of decoration with burnt leaves and ash.

If one is thinking about making the decoration ideas of makarathoranam with leaves, the most important thing to remember is that there are many varieties of leaves. One can choose leaves of different heights, different shapes, and different colours. However, the size of leaves is not important as long as they have the necessary strength.

It is important to remember that leaves should be dried in the shade or in the open air. Leaves that have not dried . well can shrink during the drying process and this will make them look unattractive. However, one can decorate an altar with leaves of different sizes and shapes and colors.

Makarathoranam Decoration Ideas with Mud & Paint :

Apart from decoration with basic mud and other paints, decoration with burnt pieces of wood also adds a lot of beauty to the pottery designs. These burnt pieces of wood are referred to as Angadi and are decorative pieces used in making pottery designs.

If one is using traditional wood, it is very important to prepare the ash. If one is not careful in preparing the ash, they might not complete pottery decoration ideas. For example, if the pottery makarathoranam has not been decorated with the ashes properly, the pottery makarathoranam might not come out good. If the pottery has decorated with ashes , it would look amazing.

In the makarathoranam decoration ideas, the traditional dry mud does not come into the picture. Instead, one can use any type of glue and glue-like material in the makarathoranam design. They are called as pothukuthu. In pothukuthu, one can use many colours and one can choose them according to the mood of the people to decorate the makarathoranam.

Some of the home makarathoranam decoration ideas are:
  • Kalamavilai (made out of coconuts)
  • Dhaivathamu (made out of lime powder)
  • Neiththaippilai (made out of vermilion powder)
  • Choithori (made out of sandal powder)
  • Pattukai (made out of glue and starch paste)
  • Thrikkarippakai (made out of lime powder and coconut powder)
  • Velliarippakai (made out of vermilion powder and coconut powder)

There is a certain point in the makarathoranam decoration ideas that one should not forget. If one has done the makarathoranam with good quality materials, then it would be a good piece of pottery decoration ideas.

However, if the pottery makarathoranam has been decorated with a cheap material, then it is not a good piece of pottery decoration ideas. If the decoration of the pottery makarathoranam has been done with poor quality materials, then it is not an amazing makarathoranam.

But, the way in which the makarathoranam decorated with the good quality material. It is more important than the material used in the decoration. A good makarathoranam would has decorated with good quality material and would be a good decoration idea for a traditional temple or at least for a G.O.A.

Apart from making the makarathoranam with basic materials like mud and ash, one can also make the makarathoranam with other materials like coconut or banana leaves, a mixture of ashes and coconut, etc.

Also, one can also make home makarathoranam decoration idea with two or more colours, one can also make makarathoranam with glass or mirror, and one can even make makarathoranam with fish-shell and betel leaves.


In Tamil language, there are a lot of concepts that are similar to the concept of makarathoranam decorations ideas. In this makarathoranam decoration ideas post, I am going to show you some of these concepts which is traditional and helps in decorating the Makarathoranam.

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