Ganpati Decoration Ideas with Flowers

This week I find the top Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers. Ganpati puja is the biggest festival of the year. The whole world participates in the festival and looks forward to offering prayers to Lord Ganesh. The entire Ganesh Chaturthi period is the best time to decorate the house for the festival of Ganesh Utsav.

An adorable Ganesha idols with numerous cute decorations is the best way to show the affection to the Lord. It is important to add some new interesting and fresh elements to the decoration during the last days of Ganesh Utsav. Here are some lovely Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers for home.

Planting the Tree

Planting the Tree

Tree planting is another way to celebrate the festival of Ganesha. The trees that planted in the courtyard, as a part of decoration and as a way to welcome Lord Ganesh are famous.

Annual Maharashtra Festival

The Hindu festival known as Mahashivratri celebrated in the festival of Ganesh Utsav. As part of this festival, people celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha in a special way. The Mahashivratri festival celebrated on the tenth day of the lunar fortnight.

Ganpati decoration Ideas With Flowers and images

Ganpati flower decorations ideas for home images can created by applying colour and metallic craft on wooden or bamboo sticks. For example, one can adorn the parvati lekha with a metal Ganesh idol for dhamal. It is really amazing to play the role of a magician by creating beautiful Ganesha images in the form of metals. It is an easy and quick way to embellish the home or an office for the festival. View the flower decoration ideas for Ganpati.

Ganesh Chaturthi decorations for the guests

Ganesh Chaturthi decorations for the guests

For the guests, you can make Ganesha-themed cookies in the shape of his head and various images. Also, you can prepare homemade Modak. Add kadhi, milky custard, coconut and jaggery, it is a very delicious dessert. This is an easy and healthy dessert.
You can also prepare simple DIY cut outs of Ganesha images for your guests. A lot of people still make DIY cut outs of Ganpati decoration ideas& images at home . These can be a very nice thing to give the guests. It will brighten up their Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

Choose Flowers Based On Their Floral Styles

In case, you want to decorate your home with a wide range of flowers, it is advisable to go for flowers that are best suited for your region. Ganesh Chaturthi is also celebrated in all the religions, as it is said to be the birth day of Lord Ganesh. Hence, on this auspicious occasion, you can make the entire home look gorgeous with these floral Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas.

Choose A Simple and Clean look for your House

Ganesh Chaturthi is not all about luxuries and big occasions. It is a festival that holds religious values and that is why you can choose simple Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas for your home. It is also advised that you avoid going for expensive decorations and items. One of the most beneficial aspects is that you can do your home decoration activity in the day time without disturbing your family members. It is important that you avoid bringing in a bunch of visitors or let your kids get a glimpse of their idol.

Soak the idol in the luta saffron paint

Luta is a deeply rich color, which gives out a beautiful pinks and red hues. It is predominantly found in the outer walls of temples. To make your Ganesh look all the more divine, soak the idol in this color. If you do not have a non-stick paint, use oil-based paint.

Lavish and Vibrant themes

f you love ornate designs and decor, then you can go for more elaborate themes. However, if you are going to decorate your home with flowers for Ganesh Chaturthi, it is better if you pick less decorative themes.

Drip Innovative Ganpati Decoration Ideas With Rangoli

Before the festive season, create rangolis at the entrance of your house or outside. If you are making a rangoli inside the house, it is better to paint it with water drops. Use wooden paint brushes for drawing water drops. A sparkle is added to it with coloured powder or glitter.

If you want to make a rangoli outside the house, take the ring of sandpaper in between your fingers and hold it between your thumb and first finger. Using this, you can create a round shape on the clay. Paint the sandpaper using water colour to give a bright shine to it.

So , these are the best Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers and other material.


At the last these Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers and other material are more effective and affordable.

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