Best Angel Wings Wall Decor

We all have those pieces in our home that are not only esthetically beautiful, but also personally meaningful. Those are the pieces that make a house a home – the pieces that perhaps remind us of a loved one, a special memory, or a personal passion. For so many in the Décor Steals community, our Wooden Angel Wings Wall Décor is one of those items.

What is Wooden Angel Wings Wall Decor?

Imagine an angel holding a pencil with your name on it! That’s the inspiration for these beautiful paper cut out angel wings. If you live in a super-sized apartment or your favorite house doesn’t have enough wall space for a real angel, or you want to add an extra “wow” to a child’s room, this project is for you.

DIY: Make Our Angel Wings You can’t help but love the delicate paint-job of the Paper Angel Wings you’ll be creating. We suggest purchasing these from The Cricut Blog (her Etsy shop is currently out of stock), but we’ve made ours with vinyl glue and recycled envelope tape.

Choose the kind of vinyl you want to use. For the wings, we prefer the Silhouette International. This new edition comes with UV protectant and is easier to cut than the older version.

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How did it come about?

There are many reasons that these wings made me smile, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one that they make you smile. As for me, my mom loved angels. She was such a beautiful person, inside and out. When she passed, my siblings and I gathered around to write memories and letters to my mom. That was about 3 years ago. The many wings I’ve purchased, for her, now hang in my home.

 One for each of my siblings, and my dad. Do you have a Pinterest board dedicated to them? I do indeed! I will happily show them to you on my other blog, which is the Décor Dandies. What would you say to someone looking to create these or other angel decorations, whether it be to make their own, or to find an inspiration piece? I would say just create.

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How does the Décor Steals team create it?

Oh, we’ll be real with you. Most of us have cut our teeth making those amazing DIY’ed Angel Wings wall decor. The secret? Consider the material! The best for DIY’ing wooden wall decor is cork.

 With a cork or thin wood the best will hold up and retain the light. I’ve also put cork behind a mirror just to hold the mirrors up and be the main part of it! I’ve also tried black cork before and the crafty pieces held up much better in spots. Now, you’ll see from the video below, we use a great Moroccan Oil on our wooden wall decor. This cuts down on any potential scratches and will keep those fabulous colors from fading. This Moroccan Oil is a wonderful hair treatment – not for your mane (more on that later!) but as a paint and decoration tool. Before Wood Angle I just tell about the Gold and White Angle wings wall decor.

Gold And White Angel Wings How Look Like ?

Gold Angel Wings Wall Decor is one of the few things in the world that can compare to Gold Angel Wings Wall Decor. When it comes to wall decor, these are the best. If you want your home to have a gold theme, you should surely integrate gold angel wing wall art in every item of gold you have.

There are many different sorts of gold accents that can be utilised to create this type of theme, but the gold angel wing wall stickers and the gold crown wall decal are the two primary elements that truly make the gold look wonderful. These are the ideal accent pieces for any gold decor, and they will help you get the true gold look.

White angel wings wall are comes in different varieties, Style , Brand & sizes for wall decor. If you know in brief than go the Amazon and Buy Wings According to the needs.

What are the best ways to display the Wooden Angel Wings Wall Decor?

There are many ways to display your Wooden Angel Wings. A one-of-a-kind personal creation can be displayed as a decoration on the wall, or you can choose to frame them, or you could even put them in a shadow box.

Whatever you decide, be sure to display them in a location that is going to be looked at from all angles and show them off to their best advantage! DIY Angel Wings – Display Your Ornament on a Wall While the Photo Wall Paper can be found in a variety of places on the internet, they can be difficult to assemble and ship. Why not do it yourself? These wall decals are just the thing to create a stunning wall display that will stand out even in a crowded home. The DIY Wall Decor Angel wings is both economical and memorable!

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What are the benefits of the Wooden Angel Wings Wall Decor?

Beautiful, special, and beautifully handcrafted – what more can we ask for? And you can create them yourself, which can mean a lot of pride and a whole lot of guilt-free personal style! Why DIY? Let’s face it – DIY is just better. You get to keep your design fresh and unique, and who better to be your personal designer than you? When do we start? Start from scratch – the angel wings are found on a fallen star at the end of the 3rd room on the way to the foyer.

As for the angel, we have one at the downtown Indianapolis YMCA located at 430 East Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46204. If you see it, please give it a little tap and hand it to me so I can get it on our wish list! What’s involved?

The Uses

As decor on a dresser, this look can also be used to dress up a more casual style of space. Hang a framed picture and pair with a lamp, throw pillows, or table runners. For a prettier application, pair the wings with a small curtain panel and some holiday tableware. Flowers: Like these easy-to-make ornaments?

 You can also use pretty flowers to spruce up a chair, chest, or mantel. Or, try some colorful foliage for a more vibrant feel. Earrings: These vintage-inspired pair of earrings can easily be dressed up for a party by adorning them with some sparkling ribbon. Just stick your favorite pair of earrings, secure the ribbon in a small ball, and tie it off with a piece of twine. Or, use an old costume jewelry box to stash a nice set of gems that would do nicely.


Angel Wings wall Decor : Artichoke Home is an excellent resource for finding unique and affordable decorating items that speak to you. If you’re looking for a special decoration to create a personal oasis, their selection is certainly a great starting point!

For more information on Artichoke Home and their awesome selection of decorating and DIY angel wings wall decor ideas, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Pinterest .

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FAQs About Angel Wings Wall Decor

Q #1) What is angel wing wall décor ?

Angel Wing Wall Décor is a new trend in home décor with a spiritual touch giving your room a peaceful atmosphere.

Q#2) How do you make angel wings?

You can make angel wing by three easy steps. First, prepare the shrimp paste which will be attached to the body of angel wing. Second, prepare the wings, which should easily twist up to allow a comfortable hand grip. Third, add the finishing touches and lastly top it with shrimp paste and yellow sugar.

Q#3) What do angel wing symbolize?

Angel wings are the most common depiction of angels, they’re known to symbolize guidance, protection and peace.

Q#4) In which Area can I use Angel Wall decor?

Angel wall decor can be used indoor and outdoor. Indoor angel wall decor can be placed on a table, on the floor, on the ceiling or also hang above the bed. Decorated with high quality material angel wall decals can be used as mural, in kids room, living room, bathroom… or anywhere you want.

Q#5) What makes Angel Wall decor So Special?

The original angel wall art prints are hand-drawn by an artist using colored pencils. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and a unique work of art. Angel Wall Art prints are available in a variety of sizes, resolutions, and prints of any design you can think of.

Q#6) Which angel wall decor is right for my style?

The different styles and designs of angel wall decor are so much so that it can be hard to decide which one will be right for you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get inspired by others’ ideas and pick your own favorites! Angel wall decor has been popping up everywhere lately which means it’s easy to find beautiful pieces if you look hard enough. For example, I love the style of angel wall decor featuring organic wood pallets.

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